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Corporate Debt Collection

Debtor tracing (skip tracing) is provided in conjunction with one of our collections services..

When it comes to corporate debt collection, at Black Fox Credit Management, we understand that not all debts are the same and thus require varying collection strategies. As a result, each debt is individually reviewed to determine the most effective collection approach. Information is critical to successful corporate debt recovery. Consequently, when necessary our in-house tracing team will conduct a review of the debtors’ present situation before the collection agent makes first contact.

Our collection service will be of particular interest to companies and organisations that are paying for legal action but achieving limited results. We are proactive, persistent and result-oriented. As with all our collection services, we deliver services on a “no collection, no fee” basis. It may sometimes be necessary to proceed with legal action in order to recover your debts. Our legal debt collection includes a partnership with a highly respected law firm. 

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